LDPA Specialized Teaching Certificate


This program will help you develop your knowledge and skill for teaching and dealing with students who may have many difficulties and disabilities. This certificate is designed for practicing educators, general education teachers, early childhood teachers, shadow teachers, as well as mothers. Through this certificate, participants will be able to:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of special education.
  • Support the strengths and challenges of students with disabilities.
  • Assess student’s skills and determine their educational needs.
  • Develop Individualized Educational Plan- IEP
  • Plan activities that are specific to each student’s abilities
  • Teach and mentor students at risk.

To achieve this certificate, participants need to complete 60 hours of training consisting of 10 modules, which are equivalent to 40 hours of Professional Development Training, and 20 hours of self-study.

Participants may choose to attend each course separately and receive a Certificate of Attendance for that course. OR, attend the whole program and receive a ‘Specialized Teaching Certificate’