DHS- Integrative ADHD Therapeutic Approach

Level 8

“DECISION” is a Strength-Based intervention model that doesn’t deny the challenges and deficiencies but at the same time trusts the ADHDer abilities to reconstruct a life full of success. The “DECISION” Model was created to bring control back to individuals with ADHD. Based on this understanding, the treatment goals were formulated to support these individuals exploring their potentials, knowing about their disorder, validating their fears in order to ignite their willingness to CONNECT and get back in control. It was developed to provide them with tools to challenge their own brains, explore ways to reconstruct their external environment, figure out strategies and cues that will help them build the critical skills necessary to build their self-confidence and mastery using neuroplasticity based treatments and research-based intervention approaches.

Participants may choose to attend one course and receive a Certificate of Attendance for that course. OR attend pathway two and the 4 modules in pathway three to receive a Certificate of Achievement and be marked as ADHD INTEGRATIVE THERAPEUTIC APPROACH “DHS- DECISION MODEL” TRAINER

In order to achieve this certificate, the participants need to complete 100 hours of training consisting of 8 modules, equivalent to 45 hours of Professional Development Training, 25 hours of study skills and 30 hours of Internship- Language: English, and Arabic.