PCC - Level 2



  • Total 125 hours of training
    • Online (Zoom Meetings) – 107 hours
    • Assignments and fieldwork – 18 hours
  • Language – Arabic
  • Duration of each session – 3 hours
  • Number of online sessions – 42
  • Course Accreditation – ICF (International Coaching Federation)
  • Certification –  Certified AD/HD Advanced Coach

Level 2 Certificate- ADHD Advanced Coaching

This course will equip the participants with the motivational interview competencies which allow them to create a mutual trust with their clients while going through the intake sessions and build their profiles to help them understand the ‘strengths vs. weaknesses’, ‘evoke awareness’ while moving them towards adopting a new shift in perspective.


Program Requirements

  • Do the reading required for each session.
  • Complete the self-study assignments before the upcoming session and email it to the instructor for review.
  • Review the PCC competencies and have the short version laminated and ready in every session to ease the discussion.
  • Practice coaching with a buddy on a weekly basis. The LDPA Coaching academy provides the opportunity of (free) Peer-to-Peer coaching.
  • 10 hours mentoring over a period of 3 month or longer period.
  • 6 observed coaching sessions for each participant will be requested to apply for the ACC- ICF Credentialing.
  • 2 transcribed and self-evaluated sessions.
  • 4 transcribed and recordings for final evaluation.
  • A 500 one on one coaching session is also required to apply for the PCC- ICF Credentialing (50 can be pro-bono).

Participation Policy

Pre-requisite – Level 1 Certificate – AD/HD Coaching Foundation

Attendance Policy: Absence in 3 or more sessions will lead to suspension from the course. All participants are expected to adhere to 100% attendance during the entire program.

Illness Policy: In case of an illness or an emergency and you are not able to attend a coaching session, you will be expected to complete the session outside the live session to make up the missed session. If you need to miss more than 9 hours of the training program, you will have the option to work with the instructor to cover the missed material at your own expenses or register for another course.

Cancellation, Transfers and Non-Attendance: All cancellations and requests to transfer must be made in writing by email to [email protected] and will be acknowledged in writing.

Cancellation Terms: There is no refund upon cancellations; you can transfer your reservation to another person or to a later date for yourself.

Contact phone number/ email.

You can contact the Learning Difficulties Professional Association through

WhatsApp 00965 66170931 Or by email: [email protected]