Senior Educational Specialist

Nayla Abu Antoun

My name is Nayla Abi-Antoun, Im an educational specialist and expert passionate is in special education, holding a D.E.S.S from Montreal university Canada in Educational intervention and a diploma in Musicotherappy from A.M.B.X Liban-Bordeaux. My experience for more than 15 years in inclusion, screening, intervention, facilitating, delivering workshops and learning disability has given me a large experience in this domain. I implement many strategies and develop different methods, helping LD students, teachers and parents deal with the children’s capacity to help them succeed and progress in life.Working with LDPA for many years as therapist and trainer is an added value for my experience.

LDPA team is a real professional team who is always happy to lend hand and share professional advices for the better of the patient in the purpose to help the person in need progress and succeed at all levels.