Using the most updated approaches and psychological assessments, Land of Opportunities – Mental Health & Learning Center provides children, adolescents and adults with the appropriate Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. With the experience of our multidisciplinary therapists, clients are provided with tests suitable for their practical concerns, and detailed reports are offered upon completion. With the clients’ collaboration, treatment plans are built in order to implement proper interventions and enhance each individual’s existing strengths.

The Land of Opportunities – Mental Health & Learning organizes a wide range of educational and recreational activities that are tailored to the needs of treatment plans and provide supportive services that stimulate the therapeutic process, such as:

  • Brain Training Program

  • Autism Program

  • Early Intervention Program

  • Intensive Reading Program

  • Handwriting

  • Intensive English & Arabic

  • Study Skills

  • Physical activities program

  • Summer Clubs

  • Children and Families College Program

  • Parents Supporting Parents Program

  • Parents of children who have invisible special needs often feel isolated, judged and frustrated until they meet other parents sharing a similar journey

  • Mindful parents group

  • Winter Clubs

  • French Club

The LDPA Family Support System

A follow-up system is implemented at the ‘Land of Opportunities’:

  • Visiting the child’s school (if needed), meet his teachers and communicate with his psychologists and follow up emails as needed (parents’ consent required/ confidentiality policy applies).

  • A 15 minute call to the parent after each treatment session to ensure the implementation of the treatment plan at home or at school.

  • Periodical meetings with parents and or child’s teachers to review and evaluate the treatment plans.

  • Educational, psychological and marital counselling for parents involving the difficulties faced while raising children with different disorders. These consultations are provided either individually or collectively and sometimes with the whole family.

  • Family support programs where the LDPA offers free evening group discussions, workshops and seminars through which our specialists or visiting specialists discuss various topics, such as: leaning difficulties concentration problems, lack of motivation, school stress, self-confidence, homework, sibling conflicts, etc…

  • Discounted registration at conferences and specialized workshops organized by the Association. As well, a special discount provided on the centers activities when obtaining the Distinctive Client Card (DCC).

LDPA Home Based E-Support Initiative

We assist our students by going back to the basic concept and filling in the missing conceptual gaps that hinder their success.
We are committed to provide quality and holistic education to Primary, Intermediate, Secondary, High School and College students, empowering them to achieve excellence in school and in life.

With a focus on Mathematics and Science education, Our Lebanese Specialized educators have
Master or Bachelor degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and Special Education.

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