LDPA Training Unit

The LDPA Training Unit is specialized in establishing a professional communication relationship with schools, teachers, specialists and employees of the Ministry of Education and educational institutions.

LDPA meetings are opened to all  (Arab and English) professionals, specialists, psychologists, professors, SN teachers,  or regular teachers working in the educational field. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated with latest P Circles!

  • Awareness seminars
  • Workshops
  • Educational and Psychological conferences: The Learning Difficulties Professional Association organizes, facilitates and promotes international conferences related to LD/ ADHD across the Middle East.
  • Professional Circles for teachers, specialists and professionals working in the educational fields. The P. Circles increase the chances of effective communication between teachers and schools’ administrations.
  • Parents Circles which allow parents to share their experiences with the community and learn coping strategies that would help them when dealing with their kids.

The Training Unit also provides psychology & medicine students with internship opportunities under the supervision of our senior therapists.

You can find out more about our free training courses and workshops by joining our social media. 


LDPA Training Unit