Brain RX is a research based one-on-one cognitive training addresses individual

About Brain RX

Brain RX is a research based one-on-one cognitive training addresses individual from 4 to 94 yrs. It is based on the idea of “neuroplasticity,” which is a relatively recent theory positing that the brain is malleable, and can be changed by experience (for better or for worse) at any age. Brain RX uses intense mental exercises to act on the brain’s core cognitive skills: Long-term Memory, Processing Speed, Logic & Reasoning, Short-term Memory, Visual processing, Auditory processing (phonemic awareness) and Attention.

Brain Rx training combines personal and digital training for maximum results. Students work one-on-one with a clinician who applies intense mental exercises that stimulate improvements in brain performance and gives dynamic feedback throughout every training session. For the rest of their program, students do computerized brain training to reinforce and expand improvements in brain skills. The result is a powerful training system for students of all ages

Who wants to

  • Maximize learning potential
  • Master English studies with greater ease
  • Experience greater success in school
  • Get help for classroom or homework struggles
  • Improve the brain’s ability to think, read, learn, reason, remember and pay attention

Here are four things you need to know about BrainRx Brain Training:

  • BrainRx brain training is not tutoring. Our programs don’t teach information. Instead, they change how the brain grasps and uses incoming information.
  • BrainRx brain training is fun to do. The game-like exercises are enjoyable, and the fast-pace at which improvements are experienced makes the experience rewarding, as well.
  • BrainRx brain training sharpens the brain skills we use in school, at work, and in everyday life. In other words, when brain skills are sharper, life is easier.
  • BrainRx training results are lasting. The results are not only dramatic, they last. That’s key because permanent improvements in how the brain processes information can put a child on a radically new path for life!

The Process of Brain RX intervention

The program will start with the Gibson Test of Cognitive Skills. The Gibson Test is a computer-based screening tool that measures the seven major cognitive skills:  1) short-term memory, 2) long-term memory, 3) processing speed, 4) auditory processing, 5) visual processing, 6) logic and reasoning, and 7) word attack skills. Based on, a detailed report is generated and shared with the client and parents about performance on tasks, followed by a tailored intervention plan.  The results will be discussed periodically with the LDPA multidisciplinary team and the parents. the intervention plan will be updated accordingly.

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ReadRx® is an intensive sound-to-code reading and spelling intervention for ages six to adult. ReadRx includes all BrainRx® procedures, auditory processing training, plus basic and complex code reading training. We originally tested 2,000 struggling readers and found common weak skills that included long- and short-term memory, processing speed, and auditory processing. As a result, the first half of ReadRx focuses on these four skills (plus any individualized weak skills). The second half builds on that foundation with reading and spelling skills.

Skills strengthened by ReadRx:

  • Auditory Processing Allows the brain to analyze, blend, and segment sounds, and is critical for successful reading.
  • Long-Term Memory Allows you to retain information into the future (listening and taking notes).
  • Word Attack (Decoding) Decoding is the process of converting symbols to language. Word attack is the strategy of using sound-letter correspondence rules to decode new or nonsense words.
  • Reading Fluency The ability to quickly and accurately read simple sentences with expression, and is a necessary foundation for reading comprehension.
  • Comprehension This is the ability to interpret and attach meaning to spoken or written language.
  • Working Memory Allows you to retain information while you’re using it.



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