This unit is concerned with raising awareness about LD / ADHD

We thrive to educate the individual and stakeholders about the nature of the disorder experienced by the client, the difficulties he faces and the strengths he has. Subsequently determining the structure of support that suits his condition and boosting his abilities to build an internal control system that would allow him to manage his challenges and direct his deeds towards achieving his goals.

In order to build the first pillar of therapy, the Learning Difficulties Professional Association created the LDPA Awareness Unit which is specialized in:

  • Communicating with the educational institutions and the Ministry of Education to build an educational environment based on active community participation to improve the teaching and learning process for students with learning difficulties.

  • Share with the public the objectives of the LDPA and explain how to benefit from its services.

  • Communicate with different media to highlight the bright image and potentials of individuals with LD/ADHD.

  • Promote the activities, services provided by the LDPA to parents of students with learning difficulties as well as to schools, clubs and institutions working with this group of people.

  • Survey the public opinion in the LDPA- Land of opportunities services and work continuously on upgrading its performance.

  • Provide suggestions on how to improve the LDPA- Land of opportunities performance to reach the different segments in the Lebanese society.

To achieve the objectives of this unit the LDPA has deployed:

  • Parents Awareness Circles

  • School Awareness Campaigns

  • Media Campaigns

  • ADHD Awareness Month

  • LD Awareness Month

  • Educative Meetings

  • Panel Discussions

  • Parent Support Groups

  • Adult Support Groups

  • Teen Support Groups

  • Volunteering teams from trainees, teachers and parents who believe in the LDPA mission and the importance of publishing it in the community.

  • LDPA Advisory board which is built of experts representing public institutions and non-governmental organizations from all over the Arab world.

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