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Built on a strong foundation of care, integrity and high standards, Land of opportunity- Mental Health and Learning Center (LMLC) is a place where you can be part of a team as you grow your practice.Located in the heart of Beirut- Al Tayouneh, Land of opportunity- Mental Health and Learning Center (LMLC) is 15 minutes away from Hamra, Asrafieh, Dahieh, and Aley. It is within easy reach at Tayounneh roundabout.Therapy rooms are available for hire by fully trained and qualified therapists for individual, couple or group therapy, as well as for group supervision or small workshops.


  • Four therapy rooms.
  • Group therapy room (up to 12 people), suitable also for workshops
  • Art & Drama room.
  •  Quiet and elegantly decorated, the therapy rooms are equipped with soft lighting and comfortable leather sofa and chairs.
  • The heating can be controlled in each room so you are in charge of ambience.
  • Phone link to the reception.
  • Relational management.
  • Practitioners work independently under the (LMLC). 
  • Availing the passing clients of the center.
  •  Canceling policy 6 hours in advance
  • Benefiting from the LDPA website and LDPA social networking.
  • Practitioners’ names are listed as therapist in the
    LDPA website and considered as priorities in LDPA projects.
  • Valet parking always ready to help your clients.
  • Internet.
  • A helpful executive secretary.
  • Online booking through our website.

If you are a psychotherapist, psychologist, counselor, OT, ST, Behavior therapist or Drama/Art therapist, etc.… looking for an office to start or move your practice and grow your connections with a flexible agreement, the good –size and well-designed rooms and affordable prices make (LMLC) the right place for you. All practitioners who are appropriately qualified for the services offered will work at (LMLC) under a licensed agreement that match their credentials and needs. ​

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday from 9:00am to 8:00pm

Pricing Structure

Pricing will be based on booked timeslot: per hour/ day/ week or per month.

  • Morning Slot (9-1pm)
  • Evening Slot (2-6pm)
  • Whole Day
  • Open Access (during working hours)/ per week
  • Open Access (during working hours)/ per month
  •  Percentage per session

Group Room (up to 12 people):

  • Per hour,
  • Half day (4 hours),
  • Full Day

Multipurpose Room for Workshops (up to 30 people):

  • Per hour,
  • Half day (4 hours),
  • Full Day

For more information, email us at [email protected]

+965-6617 0931

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Level 4, Burj Dubai, Tayouneh Roundabout, Lebanon

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