Land of Opportunities Clinical Manager Clinical Psychologist / Psychotherapist Couple & Family Therapist


Alia Haroun Sabbagh, MA. is a Clinical Psychologist, a Systemic Psychotherapist and Clinical Manager @LDPA Land of Opportunities – Wellness Center

 Mrs. Sabbagh has received her master degree in Clinical Psychology from the Lebanese University- Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Beirut. She has received intensive professional training and a postmaster degree on Integrative Psychotherapy (Analytical-Systemic Approach) at Tabyeen international. A postmaster degree in Systemic Psychotherapy which is a branch of Couple and Family Psychotherapy from Family and Human Systems Studies Institute (IEFSH) in Brussels.  In addition, she was also trained in Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (TCC) from the Lebanese Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ALTCC) and has received practical training in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at Center for Study of Expression/ Hospital of St-Anne France- Marseille.

 Before holding the responsibility of a Clinical Manager at the LDPA Land of Opportunities Wellness Center, Mrs. Sabbagh was and still the Head of the Cultural Committee at The Learning Difficulties Professional Association.