Dalida Ayash

The fruitful collaboration between Ayash AlTofoula and LDPA in the project
‘نفسية اولادنا اولوية ببلادنا
has successfully resulted in placing more than 200 children with LD on the right pathway through a highly professional team of experts.

Y. S.

ADHD coaching has helped me achieve emotional clarity and reach a stability that allowed me to pass my courses, get out of probation, and get the confidence I needed to start believing in myself again.

Abeer Zein El deen

The coaching course for ADHD is a rich and useful course which highlights the special features of ADHD. I can now help clients acquire their missing executive functions. Last but not least, the continuous group training and the mentor’s observations of the training sessions further enriched and solidified the course content.

Dr. Jenan Karame

As a school principal, I have partnered with LDPA to reinforce inclusive culture in my school where we managed to develop a learning difficulty department whose team is ready to ensure learning for all. This wouldn’t be possible without the effective training done by LDPA team.